Writing 101, Day One: Unlock the Mind

The most exciting thrill about writing Brooke Manor is the moment when I’ve decided which direction to take my characters in. That’s when the dialogue and scenes flow naturally for me.

What I struggle with the most are the chapter sequences for my characters. Do I want to build more interest and tension about Devlin’s past in the next chapter or do I want to focus on having him establish a deeper emotional relationship with Chantal? What about Chantal’s sister, Sierra? Will I focus on her interests or will she be chopped liver? Not.

Writing my blog gives me something to look forward to. The number of post views, likes,followers of the blog and on the twitter account that I’ve created for the story, all influence my decisions. These factors compel me to continue to write, using one theme versus another theme. For me, Devlin and Chantal’s story is about second chances and finding happiness after all is lost. It’s a nice feeling and very much appreciated that others find their story interesting.

What are some of your challenges or crossroads when writing?

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