Chapter 28: Perfect Timing

Sierra walked hurriedly to Chantal’s bedroom and gripped the doorknob tightly. Then, she stopped abruptly before opening the door. Agitated, she asked herself, “How do I unravel the mystery of Brooke Manor without alarming Devlin or frightening Chantal?”

“Hello, is anyone out there?” Chantal was blissful as she sat on the bed and sketched a picture in her journal.

Sierra took a deep breath and entered the room. “Hey there, it’s only me.”

“You look worried. Is everything OK?” asked Chantal.

Sierra walked over to her. “Everything is fine. What are you doing?”

“Do you remember the information you gave to me about lucid dreams?”

“Yes, what about it?”

Chantal pointed to a picture on her wall. “This drawing is the outline of a man’s face. I’ve been using it to help me recognize when I’m awake or dreaming.”

“It sounds intriguing. How do you know?”

“I know I’m dreaming if I notice distinguished features on the face such as eyes or lips, because those features are not present in the picture now when I’m awake.”

“What does the picture on the wall have to do with the picture you are drawing in your journal?”

“This drawing here has features of William, the man in my dreams and nightmares.” Chantal passed the journal to Sierra. “What do you think? Does this look like Devlin?” she asked.

Sierra peered at the picture. “Oh my goodness, there is an uncanny resemblance to him.”

“Yes, I thought so too,” said Chantal.

The likeness of the sketch to Devlin, and to the photograph of William found in his room, haunted Sierra. The color in her face turned white and she dropped the journal on the floor.

Chantal picked up the journal and held her hand. “What’s the matter sis? You look as though you’ve seen a ghost.”

Sierra regained her composure and quickly changed the subject. “I’m fine, but we do need to reschedule our shopping trip to town.”

“Oh no,” said Chantal. She held her head down and walked over to the window. Sierra joined her.

“I’m sorry, but my meeting today with the Director of the Mystic Woods Preservation Program to review eligible repairs for the historic rehabilitation tax credit is very important.”

“No hard feelings, I understand.”

“I appreciate that more than you know.”

They hugged each other.

“Isn’t nature amazing? Today, the sun is shining bright.”

Sierra exhaled. “You’d never know there was a storm last night.”

Suddenly, Chantal’s face lit up with a smile. “Hey, it’s Devlin.”

“Where?” asked Sierra with a suspicious expression on her face.

“He’s walking from the gazebo. I think he’s coming to visit us.” Chantal knocked on the wooden shutters three times.

“Great, I can tell him about the water damage in his room.”

“Sierra, may I spend a little time with him first? We have some unfinished business.”

“No problem.”

“I hope he keeps his promise.”

“What promise?” asked Sierra.

“Last night, I asked him to stay until Miles and his mom left. He said he couldn’t, but promised to tell me why later.”

“I see. Well, I can discuss business matters with him another time.”

“Do you think it’s a good idea to tell him you were in his room?”

“Good point. Come, I need to get my purse and car keys.”

Chantal went with Sierra to her room. Then, they walked downstairs together.

“I will excuse myself and leave if Devlin comes to visit you.”


At that moment, there was a knock at the door.

“He’s here,” said Chantal smiling.

“Good luck,” said Sierra.

Perfect timing, this is an opportunity to probe the cemetery for more information without being interrupted, she thought.


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